Business Analysis

Business analysis is a critical component that helps organisations identify and solve problems. It involves identifying business needs, evaluating potential solutions, and articulating benefits to stakeholders. With effective business analysis skills, you can play a crucial role in ensuring that your organisation achieves its objectives

Our course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to excel in this area. You’ll learn how to gather and analyse requirements, evaluate solution options, and develop business cases to support decision-making. We’ll also cover the latest trends and best practices in the industry, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Some examples of what is covered is highlighted below

Feasibility Assessment

A feasibility assessment checks if your project idea is practical and likely to succeed. It looks at your budget, resources, and technical know-how. You want to see if your idea has potential. This assessment identifies risks and rewards, so you can decide whether to move forward.

Technology Workshop

Technical workshops agree a brilliant way to allow the technical team time and space to work through specific technical concepts. The concepts can vary but they must be a blocker to your team’s output.

Information Scent

Information scent is a concept in website design that helps users find content quickly. It’s how information is presented, leading users to what they’re looking for. The goal is a clear and logical path for users to follow. By improving information scent, websites can improve user experience and increase engagement. This involves clear labels, easy-to-use navigation, and providing relevant information.

Scenario Mapping

Scenario mapping is a creative tool for exploring potential situations. By mapping out different scenarios, you can prepare for different outcomes and make informed decisions. It helps you to be more prepared and adaptable, whether it’s imagining how a new product might be used or how people might react to a change in a process.



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