Strategic Management

Strategic management is the process of managing an organisation to achieve its goals and objectives. This involves setting goals, analysing the competitive environment, analysing the internal organisation, evaluating strategies, and ensuring that management rolls out these strategies across the organisation.

Some examples of what is covered is highlighted below

Transformation Map

Transformation maps are ideal for future decision making, goal achieving, and prioritizing for the strategies. 

Functional Specification Document

A functional specification document functions like a blueprint that explains what the developer has to build, how it will be built, and how the features will be laid out to solve user problems.

Microservice Canvas

The canvas is the tool, layout, or display of key information that become the basis of developing a new product. In addition, it is a logical flow or layout, as mentioned that you need to follow as it is to make the best out of it.

SCAMPER Technique

Struggling to mind map everything down in a logical manner, this tool will make sure you cover everything in your workshop



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