Importance of keeping on top of your training

Why is it important to keep on top of training in the workplace? Why must employers instigate training opportunities for their employees? What value can training give both an organisation and its workforce? Let’s delve a little deeper into these questions and discuss the benefits of how Symtoi can be interwoven into your organisation, in order to upskill users that are new to the digital sector, or are in the process of changing their role.

Training? What is it? Well, training in terms of workplace training is when employees participate in activities or learning opportunities that equip them with the necessary skills to improve or enhance their work performance. There are multitudes of different training opportunities that employees can undertake, with the specificities depending on the industry itself.

The importance of training is that it leads to improved, streamlined business activity which is vital in this ever-changing world of work, especially with the conversion to more flexible working practices, alongside a significant increase in remote working. Ensuring that you keep on top of workplace training has never been more pertinent, as it aids all parties in the workplace, leading to increased productivity and performance, enhanced skills and ultimately, lower employee turnover.

A further benefit of keeping on top of training is that it keeps you abreast of industry trends, recognising where your gaps in knowledge may be and the way in which you can overcome such skills gaps to fulfil your understanding. The value that training can give an organisation is one of a competitive nature, ensuring that all members of the workforce understand the latest business practices, in order to create and maintain a productive and positive working environment.

As discussed, there are a multitude of ways that training can be undertaken, from online courses to augmented reality/virtual reality, where users can experience real-life scenarios in the subject they are studying, as well as traditional in-person training sessions. As the world continues to change, upskilling gives employees ways in which to keep up with innovations in problem-solving, logical thinking and technological integrations. The value that keeping on top of training gives an organisation is vast, from increasing employee engagement to addressing internal weaknesses – there is sizeable value in establishing training opportunities within a workplace.

So, let’s turn to Symtoi and how your organisation can utilise us to upskill users. There are a range of benefits of our product, including:

● Users learn about the tools/techniques just before they need to apply it to their work, so they are able to make the best use of the training

● Our training is flexible as users are able to change their mind about their training and pick as many areas as they want to

● Users will be able to access pre-created templates, in turn helping the user to implement their training

We additionally have a premium offering which includes one-to-one Slack support, where users can get peer reviews of their work, a one-hour online training catch up and question and answer support on their training needs. We are happy to discuss any options with you, to fit in with your organisation. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke training needs.

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